New Researchers Award

The EASM New Researchers Award

This prize is awarded for the best original theoretical or conceptual advance and significant unpublished contribution in sport management. The research should be appropriate for presentation at the annual EASM conference and publication in the European Sport Management Quarterly. To be eligible for this award, researchers must be near to completion of their Ph.D. or have graduated less than three years prior to submission. The prize is established to stimulate dissemination of new ideas and innovative research in Sport Management by encouraging new researchers at the start of their career.

Instructions for Submission

  1. Applicants are invited to submit a 5-page paper, single-spaced (including references, and key tables, and/or figures); a minimum of 12-point font, in MS-Word (*.doc) format.
  2. The language for submission is English.
  3. The applicants need to provide a statement regarding the stage of their academic career, including where appropriate the date of graduation for their doctoral degree.
  4. The research paper may not have been presented or published previously in scholarly outlets.
  5. 5. If the paper constitutes part of a broader research project undertaken by the student and/or advisor, a note as to how the submitted paper represents an original, independent contribution must be provided by the student’s advisor/supervisor.

PRIZE: 500 € - donated by Routledge Journals

In addition, the winner will receive a complimentary one-year EASM membership, which includes a free annual subscription to the ESMQ. The winner will also be invited to submit a full paper of his/her work to the ESMQ for publication, taking into account the comments and feedback of the reviewers on how the paper may be strengthened for possible publication.

70% will be based on the written paper | 30% will be based on the oral presentation during the EASM conference

Paper Review Committee 
All submissions will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance or significance of the topic
2. Theoretical basis 3. Methodology
4. Discussion and interpretation
5. Clarity of writing

The assessment panel consists of the European Sport Management Quarterly Editor, together with two ESMQ editorial board members. Other members may be co-opted where appropriate.  No member of the panel may evaluate a submission from a candidate who undertook his/her doctoral research at, or is currently employed by, their own institution.

Oral Presentation Review Committee
During the EASM conference, three members of the editorial board of ESMQ or co-optees of the assessment panel will attend all presentations of the ‘New Researchers Award’ competition.  Evaluation will be based on:

1. Clarity of speech
2. Clarity of contents delivery (clarity of message)
3. Audio-visual aid(s)  and other forms of illustration in support of message
4. Use of time

The winner will be announced during the closing banquet of the EASM conference. In accepting this Award, the successful candidate will commit him/herself to developing the 5 page paper into a full article for submission to ESMQ.  The editor of the ESMQ reserves the right to consider any of the entries for publication, subject to normal reviewing process. The prize will not be awarded if the Assessment Panel considers that none of the essays reaches an acceptable standard.

Please use the online submit form to send your paper! You will find it here.


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